Diego and the vineyards


L'erta di Radda

The name of this wine is insolvably linked to the characteristics of its provenance. Actually it descends from the strong gradient of the vineyards (erta = acclivity), which are located near the historical center of Radda in Chianti.L’Erta di Radda is a small family business which is run by Diego, who simultaneously takes care of everything, from trimming of the grape-vine to the commercialization of wine.

Diego Finocchi

The project “L’Erta di Radda” was born in the year 2006 thanks to the passion and the bond of  Diego with his homeland. But the vineyard itself has more ancient roots. At the age of 24 Diego took the opportunity to buy 5 hectares of a vineyard from an old farmer in Radda to realize his dream: being a student of viniculture and enology and becoming the producer of his own wine.

Until the 2008 vintage, the produced wine was completely sold to large customers or bottling plants. Starting with the 2009 vintage, Diego is concentrating on a selection of grapes from the old-established vines to produce his own Chianti Classico: L’Erta di Radda.

The Vineyards

The grape-vines planted in 1967 have been renewed in the course of time: 1 hectare in the year 2006 and another one in 2009. Starting from this year the production of the wine follows the standard procedures for biological winegrowing and respects environment, soil and biodiversity.à.

Characteristics of the soil: clayey/sandy with a good occurrence of galestro and alberese

Height and position: 430 m over sea level, southeast

Density of development: vigneti nuovi: 0.8×2,50, vigneti vecchi: 1×3

Resa ad ettaro: new vines 0,8 x 2,50; old vines 1 x 3

Period of vintage: the vintage is done completely manually, in the first half of October for Sangiovese wine and at the end of September for Trebbiano and Malvasia wines.