Due & Due – IGT Rosso Toscana 2021


The winemaking: the “Due & due” is obtained from the union of four vines, two 70% red berries (Sangiovese and Canaiolo) and two 30% white grapes (Trebbiano and Malvasia Toscana). The grapes are harvested from a single vineyard, planted in 1971. They ferment in the same stainless steel container, with the technique of carbonic maceration to obtain a real aromatic mosaic. Shortly before the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the racking is made and the “Tuscan Government” is made on the wine (addition of slightly dried grapes) in order to have a second fermentation.

Refinement: The wine is stored, partly in stainless steel tanks, partly in cement tanks, for 12 months.

Bottling: June

Alcohol: 13,5 %